A conversation with Arsenii Katkov: “How Reputation America came to be and the solution for businesses handling negative online content”

Removing is a service provided by Reputation.America that helps to get rid of information from the Internet. Arsenii Katkov is the C.E.O. and founder, and we’ve gained some insight from him about how Reputation.America goes about removing harmful content. We also learn why it’s better to employ negotiation tactics to deal with authors directly versus immediately fending off pesky negative content online.

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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe

Introducing Arsenii Katkov – Founder and C.E.O. of Reputation.America

Reputation.Earth and Reputation.America, for the most part, is based in Russia but was initially launched in Europe by an international team. The companies have since grown and expanded to a worldwide audience.

How it all started out

Arsenii Katkov formerly worked for the SDAA design studio. A client of his, S.O.J. Sintez, who worked for Phillips and was on Russia’s Forbes list, employed the design studio to come up with a creative idea for an office in Kazan. Arsenii and his team would continue taking on any tasks that were thrown their way. After many projects working together, the team uncovered online reputation management as a niche market.

“The critical moment was when we were asked to remove negative messages on a forum.

Many competitors of Phillips were writing negative content. Overall, bad actors were trying to ruin the reputation of our client’s company and didn’t take into account the ten years of hard work, and that customers were paying for established product chains, as well as ads at the federal level,” the founder of Reputation.America recounted.

Arsenii Katkov and his team decided to help out because the company didn’t know who to go to. As later stated, “we ended up getting in touch with the forum admins directly. In the end, they got rid of the negative and harmful messages after a bit of persuading. After looking into it more, we found out that negative content is everywhere online!”

Were there pre-existing solutions out there? 

Other people’s ideas just didn’t do the trick. People had the idea that to remove harmful content, you’d have to hire a lawyer, go to court, or hire third-party “hackers.” Hiring a lawyer is expensive and typically ends up being a dead end. Hiring a hacker is illegal and just makes matters worse. Solutions needed to be practical and within the legal realm.

“Digital Sharks was established, and as our first company, we hit a huge learning curve but persevered. We offered our services publicly and gave our clients a lifetime guarantee, as well as laid out exactly how we could help,” Arsenii recalled.

Every day was a learning experience and taught the team something new. These lessons compounded, and the company’s methods evolved. They were combining areas of expertise with people excelling at negotiation and psychology, as well as having lawyers and conflictologists onboard help to train and grow the team.

Team of Reputation America
Our team

What’s the company culture like, and who is Arsenii Katkov? 

“I’d have to say that I’m someone who gets the ball rolling, not just a leader of the company. Holacracy is at the center of the group of companies. Synergy plays a significant role as well as having decentralized authority. Every team member plays a role and has a say when it comes to decision making. It’s in everyone’s best interest for the company to succeed, and although it can be rough, discovering new and fresh ways to tackle problems while considering everyone’s interests is compelling.”

Having the responsibilities divided up amongst teams is an ideal democratic structure that makes things flexible. Moving forward and sharing victories requires a degree of flexibility and preparedness to make these crucial changes.

How information removal works

What’s the leading service Reputation.America offers?

“Removing is our go-to service, and it’s a method we employ that removes negative information for individuals and businesses, without any consequences. Negotiating with anybody to solve any problem is what we believe in,” Arsenii continued. “Throughout the history of Reputation.America, there hasn’t been an unsatisfied client. By solely using negotiations, they reach our goals ethically. No threats, reprisals, or hacking involved.”

Here is the insight he offered: “Let’s consider company X for a minute. About a year ago the company X received negative reviews that appeared on Google and Yelp. Because these reviews were on the first page of Google it adversely affected one of their products and, ultimately, their business. The company X managed to handle the challenge the best they could, yet the negativity remained. A person stumbled upon the review and decided not to go through with the purchase. The company X didn’t make the sale and missed out, not knowing why.

Sweeping past mistakes under the rug is what Reputation.America does. It helps businesses grow all while making sure everyone wins, and everyone is happy. This is our primary goal.”

Removing information, there’s got to be other ways to do it, right? 

Correct. Removing isn’t the only method out there. Preventing negative information from causing issues in the first place is another goal. De-indexing search results is another option, as well. Our specialists correct content by removing any mention of the company and by getting negative content off the first couple of pages in the search results.

There are a variety of solutions we present to the client to solve their problem. We leave the choice ultimately up to which one they would prefer.

At the office Reputation America
At the office

What value does Reputation.America offer to its clients?

Safety, convenience, and price are the three significant advantages of Reputation.America. Our primary focus is gaining clients from the American market because we’ve been successful in service development and automatization cases. These are geared towards user-friendliness. We have these strengths and are ready to implement them to the fullest.

We have a goal to build solid relationships with our clients via secure communication. We also aim to develop a sense of trust, confidentiality, and delivery of our services at the highest level.

When you talk about convenience, could you tell us what you mean by that?

No headaches involved. We like providing solutions to problems without muddying the waters. When dealing with negativity, whether you’re a businessperson or a public figure, you don’t have the bandwidth or time to get into reputation management. Keeping it simple and intuitive, like ordering something online, is what Reputation.America aims for.

Simplicity is one of our top priorities. We want clients to be at ease and feel peace of mind knowing that they’re getting a good deal; otherwise, we won’t succeed in the American market.

Reputation.America isn’t the end of the road. It’s just the beginning

Reputation.Earth operates in the U.K., the U.A.E., and Spain. How will the U.S. play into your overall strategy?

With the U.S. being a highly competitive market, it’ll be an enormous challenge for our team. Anti-crisis communication started here, so the leading experts in this field are currently operating here. Still, we’re not about idolizing them because we know if we can at least compete in the States, then we should be able to do so in other parts of the world. The U.S. is a milestone and isn’t our last stop.

By getting validation from succeeding in the U.S. market, we can gain the experience and confidence to tackle other countries.

We’ve established very productive channels of communication with American crisis management experts, and because we’re expanding, we are always searching for partners in the States and Canada. Specifically, we’re looking for anti-crisis communication experts and product managers.

What’s your strategy regarding other continents?

It’s been an exciting journey to build this company from the ground up. Currently, we’re negotiating with Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. Since we have a team working internationally, we expect to get a lot more done compared to others. As we grow, our efficiencies will scale, and we can continue to offer affordable services to customers.

Arsenii Katkov, founder Reputation Erath
Arsenii Katkov

One must ask themselves if it’s worth a shot when there’s an opportunity to build a global holding group. The ability to work internationally in this day and age opens the door for cross-country strategies and new perspectives in the field of reputation management.

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