Guerilla marketing

Have you ever heard of the term “banner blindness”? Marketers go to all lengths to create eye-catching advertisements, but people are tired of being surprised. We have gotten used to being bombarded by tons of ads and no longer pay attention to them. When common advertising fails to accomplish its goal, we recommend using guerilla marketing.

What’s the difference between guerilla and common marketing?

So, you’re eager to increase a brand or company’s popular appeal but are tired of wasting money on signs and banners. Guerilla marketing acts more delicately and doesn’t look like typical advertising. Such marketing can break through the “Banner blindness” by using non-standard methods.

It is cheap. Guerrilla marketing costs 1,000 times less if compared to a contest for acquiring clients, and it’s 10,000 times less expensive than a video clip airing on a popular TV channel. If you make it boring, no one will be interested. People will have to watch your video on TV, but the informational flood will drown out reduced creativity.

On the other hand, if your campaign takes off, then you’ll have to pay less than 1 dollar per view. There is no such thing as cheap advertising. There is a risk that people won’t understand you. Everybody notices a huge teddy bear, but no one realized at the time that it was guys from P&G who put it out.

Guerilla marketing

It is unique and attracts attention. People who see a huge cup of coffee will surely take photos and share them through social networks. This is one way we conserve your advertising expenses. Guerilla marketing is suitable for promoting services, politicians, and technologies. The “business to business” sector is the only exception. It has other rules to follow.

A marketing specialist Jay Levinson said: “People like being asked about themselves, they like to talk about themselves. Take advantage of this human trait and ask your clients.” According to him, the clients attracted by guerrilla marketing is three times more loyal if compared to the rest.

Remove negative information right now, without going to court or taking risks

We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe

Our working principles

– We carry out viral actions on the net within the “Reputation Management” package.

– We invent and carry out a viral action.

– We engage the topic in questions amongst 50 experts, celebrities, and active clients.

– We develop and distribute viral content. We guarantee audience coverage starting from 50,000 views.

– We shuffle the Google search results in your favor.

– We use our proprietary solutions for hidden promotion.

– We make the major media outlets pay attention to ongoing actions.

– We neutralize competitors’ counteractions.

– We write and publish positive references in blogs, social networks, and forums related to your subject matter with followers of more than 10,000 per month.

We guarantee that at least 50,000 of your potential customers will see this viral content. Also, you can find out how significant your reputation losses are.


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