How to Delete Indeed Review: Manage your Online Reputation, a key to your Company’s Success

How to Delete Indeed Review

Hiring and retaining competent employees is essential to your business’s long-term growth.

The advent of the internet, coupled with its over 3.2 billion global users, has simplified the process of finding top talent. This means it’s essential to manage your reputation and learn how to delete Indeed review if your business venture gets a lousy opinion on the platform.

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We keep your personal data safe

For employers and company managers, a simple search on some social networks such as LinkedIn, a well-crafted tweet to your audience, or a strategically-placed ad can attract a large number of highly qualified candidates ready to collaborate with your current team.

Just as business owners and managers have access to details on potential candidates, so do people seeking jobs for the specific companies they’re likely to get recruited to work for. The information is available on online platforms like Indeed. is an online platform created to make it easier for both current and former employees of a particular business to report information anonymously in different areas, including corporate culture, remuneration, leadership, and more. These platforms are usually referenced by people seeking employment before they send in their resumes

The flip side of Indeed reviews

The ability to provide information anonymously is understandable. However, falsified and reputation-damaging reviews can easily make their way to This can potentially harm a great reputation of well-known companies and their owners.

It is easy for a business to attract skilled employees if it has an outstanding business image on and other similar platforms online. Unfortunately, negative reviews can make it challenging for your business to attract the talent it requires. In worst cases, such reviews could also affect your business’s ability to attract new clients.

After all, who wants to be associated with an organization that’s well-known for treating workers poorly? Additionally, is a ‘highly authoritative’ platform and ranks better on search engines. That means it’s possible that the negative review featuring your corporate name could appear on top of many search results, particularly those mentioning your company or products you offer.

Sure, some negative reviews published on Indeed may be legitimate. They offer valuable insights for improvement, but competitors and disgruntled employees will try to libel businesses with defamatory or falsified information. This is because anyone can publish a review on anonymously, without verification, meaning that your rivals can use this platform to settle scores.

Though has some form of review procedure to prevent falsified reviews from making their way to various businesses’ profiles, this process isn’t foolproof, and malicious reviews still get published.

How to delete Indeed review

Getting a negative review hurts, and managing a company or a department is quite a challenge if its reputation is damaged. However, all isn’t lost. You can still learn how to delete Indeed review or get it removed by an expert. Just take a breath and carefully read through the following options to remove Indeed review.

How to delete Indeed review: 3 steps

1. Say or do something about the review

In case an incredible piece of feedback or review pops upon. Indeed, a flag that content immediately. Despite the anonymity concept, people who leave reviews on this platform are required to leave a valid email and their name before submitting their opinions.

The site moderators will review your comments and pass the final judgment regarding the validity of the specific review you flagged. Often, these verdicts are in favor of the individual who submitted the review anonymously and not you. And it is incredibly disheartening to be unable to do anything about a false review that’s hurting your business.

Though it is rare to get a reviewer to delete a piece of critique they published about your company, it’s still possible. However, these reviews are done anonymously, and this option may not work. And if you choose to respond to the reviewer’s inflammatory or negative comments, stay positive, and choose your words wisely. There’s a good chance you will get the reviewer to remove Indeed review about your business voluntarily.

There’s no guarantee the reviewer will cancel Indeed review, but it’s worth trying. 

2. Take legal action

Probably you have been trying to get the third-party platform to remove the defamatory piece of content about your business, with no success. It is time to lawyer up and take legal action to save your business reputation. In this case, it’s best to seek the services of an experienced corporate lawyer.

The attorney can help you get a court order that requires to remove the falsified information. Note that this process takes time, and the longer negative details about your company continue to circulate on the internet, the more harm is done to your corporate reputation.

3. Call in the experts to remove Indeed review

If responding to the negative feedback or flagging it didn’t work, your lawyer could help you get a court order to remove this reputation-damaging piece of content. If you don’t have the time and other resources to do that, it’s time to call in the big guns – corporate reputation management experts.

Make sure the experts have an in-depth understanding of the’s terms of services, legalities regarding the specific review you need removing, and know-how to delete Indeed review legally. Avoid experts who use threats, hacking, and other illegal strategies to remove damaging content online.

These methods could land your company in deeper trouble compared to the negative review issue. Generally, removing bad reviews from various online platforms is a volatile issue, and when mishandled, your corporate image might end up tarnished.

Wrap up

Now you know how to delete Indeed review and why you may want to remove some pieces of information online. In this modern era of online marketing, everyone has the right to share their opinions about a service, product, and probably what it is like working at a particular company.

Therefore, you need to monitor your brand mentions online, sift through them regularly, and if you notice anything that could damage your reputation, you already know how to delete Indeed review without landing yourself into trouble with the law.


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