Information Removal for an Individual

Lifetime guarantee
Let's start to reclaim your reputation from $450 per link
We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
Situation assessment
Signing the contract
Information removal
Result and payment


  • Amount and complexity

  • Popularity and credibility of the site

  • Expert involvement

  • Other factors

Results and timeframes

  • Information has been removed.

  • From 21 to 60 days


  • Wire transfer

  • Credit Card

  • Zelle

Hello! We believe that even the most successful person may occasionally need negative information about them removed from the internet. We remove the online shortcomings of large-scale businesses and individuals alike. We provide a service that is custom-tailored especially for you – “Removal of negative information about a person”. We can remove reviews, video, photo, or even a whole article from mainstream media!

No longer you will need to turn to the courts, look for hackers, or DDOS in the darknet — none of which guarantees a reliable result. Give us as little as 3 minutes of your time, and you will learn how we can solve your problem. After all, if negative information about a brand affects sales and HR, negative information about an individual affects one’s whole life, including its more personal aspects, such as one’s family or environment. It is why we approach this work with the maximum possible delicacy and involvement.

Chart: influence of the online reviews to your consumers. Source: ReviewTrackers.

How do we delete information?

First of all — legally, confidentially, and with no negative consequences. We don’t do it point-blank, and we don’t threaten or intimidate anyone. We don’t hack sites or perform hacker attacks. We use the following technologies:


1. Risk reduction and analysis

We study all possible contact options. We check whether anyone is monitoring the information and whether its removal could lead to any negative consequences. In the first instance, we prefer methods that enable us to avoid contact with the author or the site, as well as those that will result in zero harm once the information has been removed.

2. Profiling

Before getting to work on the project, our profilers compile psychological and professional profiles of all the people we may have to contact during the project. They study legal and technical vulnerabilities of projects and suggest optimal options for interaction.
We monitor, collate, and structure thousands of cases where information has been removed through court action, site administrators, or regulatory decisions. In our hands, this data is a powerful tool when working with any site.

We will remove the negative content without risk to your company

We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe


4. Partnership

The first thing we do is check the project in our private partner database. Not all sites will agree to delete information at your request, or even when requested to do so by a court of law. We will help you solve the problem even if a particular party has refused to remove your information, thanks to the fact that we have already had existing partnerships with many sites around the world.

5. Mediation and high-level negotiations

Everything can be negotiated. Anyone can be persuaded. Our experts regularly reach secure agreements with newspaper editors, as well as a review site and portal administrators. They don’t stay in the office, and will not hesitate to contact these parties personally should the need arise. Our experts will successfully manage conflicts even if they have reached the scale of the Wars of the Roses.

6. Pre-trial conflict resolution tools

When correctly drawn up, a pre-trial or legal claim can always present a persuasive argument that compels websites to either remove the negative information or agree to rewrite it.

7. Lawyers

Highly specialized lawyers often possess much greater knowledge about working with the web than Google. However, we are often only required to involve them in our work as a last resort.
In 99% of cases, the aforementioned resources are usually enough for us to reach a successful conclusion to a project. We prefer not to disclose any other confidential methods that we utilize due to their strategic importance for the industry.

Advantages we offer over other companies:

Focused Specialization
Our team has a focused specialization and uses proprietary technologies: personnel of intelligence agencies and governmental authorities.
Partnerships with multiple sites
We cooperate with key websites and portals. We use a common ground to communicate with "difficult" and closed sites.
Absolute confidentiality
We personally work on the projects; we never outsource them to third parties or freelancers. We do not keep any data, removing it all immediately after the work is successfully completed. No one will ever know you have worked with us.
Lifetime guarantee
If the deleted material reappears where we have removed it, we will delete it again free of charge.
Machine Learning
We create and use the technologies, that help us to provide a faster and less expensive service.
Incredible Project management
Even if we were working for the Queen - we would never tell you about it.