Internet Defamation Removal: Restoring your online reputation

Internet Defamation Removal

The rise of social media has brought people closer together and has made sharing information online more accessible. Various social platforms have allowed people from all over the world to connect and share ideas. For the first time, anyone can independently publish their ideas with the click of a button.

However, these advancements come elements that can negatively impact the reputation of individuals, businesses, and brands. False, dishonest, and defamatory information can be widely disseminated in moments and can have far-reaching consequences. The spread of harmful information happens quickly, and it can often be challenging to defend yourself without the use of professional Internet defamation removal services.

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We will help you to improve your reputation and delete negative content legally

We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe

Internet defamation removal is one tool under the reputation management services umbrella. It is an effective way to take back control of how you or your business is perceived in the online realm. It is an effective method in removing damaging information and helps to frame the conversation in a more positive light.

What is Internet defamation removal?

Internet defamation removal is the process of taking down false or harmful content that originated online. Defamation is any communication that unjustly hurts another’s reputation, and there are two main instances where defamation occurs online. The first is through libel, which is when something is written on a website, blog, comment, or post. The other is slander, which happens when hurtful information is spoken on a video, podcast, or audio file.

Removing the information is done through a negotiation process with owners of the content. It is essential to get the content removed because this is the most effective method of combating negative press. Suppose you opt to have the material taken down and deindexed, means that it won’t be present on search engine results pages. In that case, some organizations try to drown out the defamatory content by publishing positive news articles and press releases. While this can be somewhat effective, it also means that the information still exists online and can be shared widely. 

The entire process must be done in line with the law, and any nefarious practices like hacking, DDOS attacks, or threats should be avoided at all costs.

Why is internet defamation removal necessary?

Removing information that negatively impacts you or your brand is the first step in taking back control of your reputation online. Getting the post taken down allows you to refocus the discussion on your brand and highlight the positive elements that it has to offer. More importantly, factually incorrect and untruthful information that can cause long-term damage has no place circulating online.

Any top-tier internet defamation removal service will provide its services with complete confidentiality and handle every aspect of the process. We recommend opting for a professional service rather than attempting to undertake the procedure yourself. Without the right experience contacting the content owner can result in escalation. Push back can lead to additional defamatory content being published online.

How does internet defamation removal work?

Industry-leading reputation management services like ours follow a set of procedures to guarantee optimal results for you. Never choose a company that employs a direct confrontational style or threatening techniques, as this can prompt a backlash from the owners of the content. 

The first step in the internet defamation removal process is research. Understanding and analyzing the author’s motivations is essential to getting good results. We profile the author and other parties involved and then look for previous legal precedents and vulnerabilities to pursue.

Many of the best reputation management companies have existing partnerships with the most reputable online sources. With this in mind, if the author falls under this umbrella, negotiations tend to be more straightforward, and they will remove harmful content quickly. Our partnerships range from individual bloggers to many of the top twenty news organizations across North America, so we have the scope to protect your reputation.

If the content owners are not in a partnership with a reputation management provider, the next step is mediation and high-level negotiations. There is usually an outcome that works for all parties involved, and we use our pre-negotiation research to find options that provide win-win solutions.

Companies offering top-tier reputation management services handle information removal with negotiation. Like any business transaction, there is a win-win solution to suit both sides. That is what companies like ours try to uncover. Through the process, all parties involved must maximize transparency and reach a mutual agreement. Most internet defamation removal cases end here. We try and resolve the issue without the need to include the court system.

Before heading to court, it is best to attempt pre-trial conflict resolution where a legal claim is drawn up to try and get the harmful information taken down or changed. The last resort is to utilize a team of expert lawyers to tackle the case in court. Our team comprises top industry lawyers, negotiators, and removal experts, so you’ll be in great hands, and we are successful 99% of the time.

Should you opt for internet defamation removal services?

It is important to consider the damage that false information can have on your business. By opting to remove online defamation, you are better able to control how people perceive your brand. If there are articles, videos, or other items that you feel are damaging your reputation, and you are not sure how to proceed, you should choose professional service like ours. Companies like ours have contacts in the industry that put us in front of decision-makers, meaning we get the job done quickly and aim for a 45-day turnaround. 

If you have tried other options and are unsure where to turn next, get in touch, and we can help you remove online defamation. Don’t let false or harmful information affect your business. Let us deal with the issue quietly and confidentially.



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