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We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe
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  • Amount and complexity

  • Popularity and credibility of the site

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  • Information has been removed.

  • From 21 to 60 days


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Negative search hints will devalue the work of marketers. Bad Internet reputation can make itself known before the client even enters a search engine.

Why keep track of search suggestions?

Reputation works like credit history. Any client can get an immediate impression just by going to the search engine and entering the name of your company. As a result, it becomes clear how that business represents itself. Treat your reputation as if it were your own home. The foundation is laid by the team and the rest is built by customer reviews, comments, and posts on social networks.
According to the research done by "Reputation America", 7 out of 10 potential customers are likely to refuse to buy if they see more than one negative position in search results or in comments on search sites. Therefore, negative content is very harmful for business.
At the same time, 74% of consumers will look for additional information on the Internet about the company if they are interested in its services. From the influence of the Internet, reputation can not hide.

«Your brand name is only as good as your reputation»

Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin Group

How we help to solve your questions

I. Generate prompts without negative requests

  • Study. Find all the existing prompts.
  • Coordinate. The customer decides what search suggestions the potential customers should see.
  • We remove the negative content via legal methods: we write complaints, report on the abuse, and we use lawyers and social engineers.
  • We drive coordinated prompts to the top with the help of our own technologies and operating algorithms.

II. We fix the result. Monthly track search suggestions

An objective situation about search suggestions: users see the sharing of positive, neutral and negative positions. You will see the dynamics of reputation correction in the search suggestions. The customer knows what the customers see when they are looking for information regarding his business.

We will help you to fix reputational problems quickly and safely

We keep your personal data safe
We keep your personal data safe

Work specifics

Efficiency. With standard introductions, the removal efficiency of search suggestions is 75%. The final result can be adversely affected by powerful information and actions made by third parties.
Handmade. It just so happens that negative suggestions are sometimes formed artificially. Behind this can either be competitors or other trolls. They can discover the changes made and return negative prompts back. In this case, constant work and monitoring are necessary.
Alternative solution. If the negative content is formed by third parties, it is better to influence them. We work with the authors of negative content by employing the use of social engineering within the framework of the law. The task is formed by a separate KPI. Services provided by experienced negotiators will end up being several times cheaper than having possible problems with authors of negative content or trolls.

Client service "Reputation America"

  1. Confidentiality. Project executors sign a non-disclosure agreement, all correspondence with the customer is encrypted, and after the project is completed, it is deleted.
  2. Legality. All actions take place within the framework of the laws of the USA and international law. The customer has the right to request details of the actions of companies on his project.
  3. Lifetime guarantee. Free fix cards issued if any content returns after the project is completed.
  4. Payment for the result. The customer pays according to the agreed KPI.
  5. Support. We offer 24/7 support. Send an e-mail, call or use other channels of communication. After the project is completed, we will provide a detailed report.